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Solomon Commercials UK manufacturer of temperature controlled rigids.

Solomons have gained over four decades of expertise and knowledge in the manufacturer of temperature controlled rigids.

Solomon Commercials seeked to update their brand to one that embodied their ambitions and forward thinking approach to temperature controlled rigids.

Pioneering new advances in aerodynamic efficiency on small vehicles and larger commercial vehicles with an aim to reduce emissions, environmental impact and fuel costs. Their diverse range of solutions and the unique benefits they offer their customers was to become a key focus on the website and sales tool for the team.

As a fortune 500 company who’s commitment to their staff and customers is a shining example for any business ethos, we were proud to be able to present a brand and sub-brands for products and services as well as a website that delivered on all their requirements.

Client: Solomon Commercial

Sector: Manufacturing

Brand Creation
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Screen touchpoints demonstrating features and functionality.

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