Solomon Commercials

Innovating tomorrow’s refrigerated vehicles in today’s world.


Solomon Commercials are a respected UK market leader, developing innovative refrigerated vehicles to help their customers deliver time and time again.

Following a period of significant growth, it saw a need to streamline and clarify the business services.

Solomons Commercials manufactures temperature-controlled vehicles, pioneers the latest aerodynamic systems and delivers continued support for the customers.

Each of these areas feeds into the success of Solomon Commercials as an industry leader.


Clearly define the services and innovative thinking behind one of the United Kingdoms’ leading temperature-controlled vehicle manufacturers.

Following a brand workshop we went about developing the business into three key areas, each of which feeds into and contributes to the continued growth and success.

Solomon Commercials Vehicles

Innovating Delivery. Together.

Building refrigerated vehicles designed to their customer’s exact specifications makes them hugely unique in an industry that has to continue to adapt and grow, whilst meeting sustainability goals and client requirements.

Solomon Bodyguard

Keeping your Business Moving.

Solomon Bodyguard is a key department within Solomon Commercials developed to help reduce fleet downtime, saving money and time for customers in a demanding market.

With an extensive network of refrigerated vehicle inspection, maintenance, and repairs centers complemented by a fleet of mobile engineers offers their customers security and peace of mind.


Aerodynamic Driving Efficiencies.

Continuous innovation is a key department in Solomon Commercials they are hugely invested in developing and independently testing temperature-controlled vehicles to meet today’s sustainable requirements.

Through technology and research partnerships with leading institutions, Solomon Commercials’ commitment to reducing emissions through streamlined aerodynamic systems is widely recognised throughout the industry.



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