Burton. The Roofing People

The Roofing People.


Brand Development

Burton - The Roofing People.

Keeping a roof under the feet of roofers for over 30 years.

A new brand identity for Burton’s a leading supplier and distributor of roofing materials worldwide.

Burtons have been a constant figure in the roofing industry, supporting and suppling roofers for over 30 years.

With such a strong heritage we settled on a refreshed version of their existing icon as a nod to their industry and a gentle reminder of the history and legacy it represents.

The brand identity is one of the customers first recognisable touchpoints with the business, so it was imperative to communicate the strength, credibility, and heritage.

Burton - Brand Guidelines

Defining the visual brand with extensive brand guidelines to ensure consistency through out Burtons transformation.

Our brand style guide is a rulebook for everything Burton, from what fonts to use to how logo treatments work with different colour schemes and how we utilise secondary branding elements to support the visual language.

This sets the tone for everything from buildings to business cards and acts as a reference point for the visual language to support marketing and communications moving forwards.